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10 Best Startup Ideas for 2021

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Startup Ideas – Startup means newly established business. A startup is founded by one or more entrepreneurs with new products or services. Startup products or services are generally unique. Once your startup is established you can make a lot of money. 

I recently come across one similar startup story of Ecokaari based in Pune, India. Ecokaari does recycling of plastic waste and converts it into useful handicraft items. It was established in 1995 and today turnover of the business is 90 Lakh+. 

This means that a startup has a lot of business potential, provided you select the best startup ideas that helps you to make a lot of money. 

Here are 10 Best Startup Ideas that can help you to make a lot of money in the future. These startup ideas are divided into two parts – Product-based Startup & Service-based Startup.

10 Best Startup Ideas for 2021

Product-based Startup

#1 Handmade Jewelry 

Creating handmade jewelry and selling is one of the best startup ideas. Handmade jewelry is jewelry crafted by the hands of skilled craftsmen rather than using a machine. The market of handmade jewelry in India and abroad is very good. The cost of handmade jewelry is low so it is preferred by most people.

#2 Personalized Gift Store

People prefer personalized gifts nowadays. A personalized gift can be made with color, style, and decorative items to give a personal touch to the gift. You can sell a wide range of personalized items such as photo t-shirt, photos, clocks, picture frames, photo mugs etc. You require a skilled and creative team for opening a personalized gift store.

#3 Customized Cloths 

Customized clothes such as t-shirts, custom-made apparel are gaining popularity among teenagers. If you can customize clothes based on the need of customers this startup idea is for you. You can make a customized store and sell offline and online.

#4 Diet Food

People have become health conscious and they are preferring diet foods compared to fast food. Diet food helps to reduce fat, carbohydrates, and sugar to reduce fat. Keto food is famous under diet food. You have to do a lot of research to make your diet food-related items. It is very wonderful startup idea to make money in 2021.

#5 Food Waste Solution

Food waste is very common. Creating a startup to provide food waste reduction or making a product from food waste collection is a wonderful startup idea. Multiple products can be made from food waste. You can create compost fertilizer from waste food and make a lot of money.

#6 Plastic Recycling 

Plastic recycling is a startup idea of creating the best from waste. Plastic recycling means reprocessing plastic material into useful products. Plastic recycling can be done by a readymade machine. You need to create handmade items from plastic recycle and sell them for making money. 

Service-based Startup  

#7 Web and Mobile App Development 

Web and mobile application development are one of the best service based startup ideas. Most of the new business requires a website. They hire a professional web and mobile developer. If you have expertise in web and mobile development you can earn a lot of money. 

#8 Health care services 

Health and wellness services is another startup option. In this startup, you need to provide health care services to the big organization as well as home customers. Your service may include periodic health checkups and wellness advice for fitness. 

#9 Online Education 

The education industry is becoming online. You can design your platform that offers various courses to students of schools and colleges. You can also design exclusive courses for software programming and web development. 

#10 Electrical Vehicle Charging services 

In the future, we will see electric vehicles on the road. In metro cities, electrical vehicles are already sold. These electric vehicles require a charging facility. It gives birth to a new startup idea of electrical vehicle charging. You can start exploring various options to start your electrical vehicle charging. You will be able to earn a lot of money from the electrical vehicle charging business in the future. 

Over to you 

I hope you have got good insights about the best startup ideas for 2021. Remember you can make money if you select a startup idea associated with unique products and services.

Share your views about startup ideas in the comment section given below.

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